Don Onofre S. Diaz Children's Library


A computer with software and related equipment, children’s books and school supplies donated by the Pelham Memorial High School Interact Club has arrived at the Don Onofre S. Diaz Children's Library at The Nelintap Elementary School in the Philippines.


PMHS students had collected funds for the computer as well as the books and school supplies during the recent school year. Supplies included fiction novels, textbooks, dry erase boards, markers, notebooks, staplers, white out, binders, etc. A total of 367 items were sent to the school.


School supplies for a school in Siri Lanka were also collected and have been sent to that school.


The Interact Club is an affiliate of the Rotary Club of the Pelhams, and members of Rotary assisted in the project.


Outgoing officers of the PMHS Interact Club were Jamie Burke (President), Nevan Malwana (VP), Katja Fair (Secretary), Matthew Cannella (Treasurer). Officers for the 2021-2022 school year are Eileen Mazzaro (President), Ray Atlas (VP), Caroline Garufi (Secretary), Prashaan Malwana (Treasurer).



                                   Computer and related equipment



                                   Unpacking supplies from Interact



                                   Teachers unpacking supplies