Colorful Yuda arm bands are on sale until May 1 at Pelham Memorial High School in a fundraising project by the interact Club to support the education of a 14-year-od girl from Zimbabwe. Bands are $10 each.
The handcrafted bracelets are from Guatemala where the process of creating the bands also creates jobs for the women/artisans in Africa who make them.
"We have 300 bands, each with unique designs,” said Prashaan Malwana, president of the PMHS Interact Club. "If there is excess money, that will go to the funding of the education for a different student of our choice.”
"Yuda Bands is a non-profit organization, and the entire project is free for us,” he added. "we simply give back the profit for the education of a girl in Zimbabwe named Moreblessing.”
The PMHS Interact Club sponsors international and local projects and is affiliated with rotary Club of the Pelhams.